The airline Emirates, which is based in the United Arab Emirates, is commemorating an enormous milestone in its South Africa operations.

It is the 10th anniversary of the first flight taken by the airline between Durban and Dubai.

The flight took place on 1st October 2009, and since then, more than two million passengers have flown on the route with the airline.

The regional manager for the Southern Africa division of Emirates, Fouad Caunhye, says that the past decade has been both fulfilling and rewarding.

Caunhye also says that over the course of the last 10 years, the company has seen the Durban route increase steadily in both cargo and passenger figures.

The route has helped to contribute to the overall success of Emirates in South Africa.

Caunhye adds that the airline has worked hard to ensure that it was providing a world-class service that celebrated the numerous cultures it was helping to connect.

Durban residents can expect to see local favourites included on the airline’s menu as well as someone local in the diverse cabin crew and a movie from the city.

Caunhye goes on to say that he is proud to be involved with the team responsible for the creation of these travel experiences.

The city is both a hectic port that facilitates worldwide trade and somewhere with a memorable landscape and colourful culture.

Demand for travel in and out of the diverse city has also been on the increase.

Travellers who make use of King Shaka International Airport have been steadily increasing year on year, especially those from overseas.

The UAE is one of the top destinations for travellers heading into Durban via the Emirates airline network, along with the UK, India, Germany and the US.

The services manager for Emirates Airport in Durban, Jeenesha Baichan, says that the airline is very close to her heart and that she is proud to have been part of the amazing journey that began with the first flight 10 years ago up to the success and affection that the airline now enjoys in Durban.

The airline’s sales manager in Durban, Robyn Stander, says that being involved in the start-up operation in Durban and being able to watch it become the success story it is today has been a highlight of her career.

Stander adds that it is an amazing feeling to know that success is the result of the team’s dedication and hard work over many years.

Anyone planning to fly with Emirates or any other airline to Durban or any other destination will need to take out travel insurance before they begin their journey.

Travel insurance is a necessity in order to protect yourself from the financial consequences should anything go awry while you are away from home.

Issues that can arise during travel include cancelled flights and reservations and the theft of personal items.

Travel insurance can also sometimes guard against medical expenses in the event that you fall ill or are injured while in a foreign state or country.


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