A new airline service has been announced by the leading low-cost airline in Kuwait, Jazeera Airways, which operates internationally as well as in the local region.

The new service is the first to head to Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates, the airline’s third such service in the country, and it will begin operations on 2nd April this year.

The CEO of Jazeera Airways, Rohit Ramachandran, says that the airline is pleased to operate this new service following the successful new route to Al Ain, which commenced in December 2019.

The flight connects the airline’s customers to a great family tourist destination and also the students of Kuwait to a closer airport and Sharjah residents to the airline’s growing network of European, Indian Subcontinent and Middle Eastern destinations.

Many students from Kuwait attend universities in Sharjah, including the American University of Sharjah and the University of Sharjah, and Sharjah International Airport also connects students to universities in Ajman and those in the northern emirates.

Sharjah also hosts a number of archaeological sites, galleries, heritage houses and historic museums that offer a rich insight into local history and culture.

Ramachandran says that the airline would like to thank Sharjah Airport Authority and the Department of Civil Aviation in the emirate for allowing this new service to be launched and supporting the increased demand for flights.

The airline will be operating direct flights to the third biggest city in the UAE in the form of two weekend return flights each Thursday and Saturday, with flights leaving from Kuwait at 1:55pm (local time) and returning from Sharjah at 4:30pm.

Bookings are open and available for flights from Kuwait to Sharjah via the airline’s website.

Passengers with Jazeera Airways also have the opportunity of choosing between three different categories of fare within Economy Class: Light, Value and Extra.

Each offers different services to meet different needs.

The lowest fare category, Economy Class Light, allows passengers to bring a small bag and a carry-on, while adding the services they need for their itinerary.

Economy Class Value passengers can get a further 20kg of check-in baggage allowance, and Economy Class Extra passengers are allowed another 30kg as well as priority check-in.

Economy Class Extra passengers can also choose their Preferred Seats from the fourth to the 10th row.

Passengers will be able to add further services as required, including excess baggage, Jazeera Business Lounge access, or a meal at the Jazeera Cafe.

The new Priority Service gives a faster travel experience to passengers while also including access to Priority Baggage, Priority Boarding and Priority Check-in.

Passengers can also make use of the new Seat Selection to choose Premium Seats on the first to the third rows, which give plenty of legroom, or on rows four through 10 or Extra Legroom Seats on rows 11 and 12.

Standard Seats are available on rows 13 through to 28/29 and are still designed to give maximum comfort at a more affordable price.

Anyone intending to fly in or out of Sharjah in the UAE should take out travel insurance to ensure that their finances are not impacted by unexpected occurrences such as lost luggage or postponed flights.


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