The groundbreaking multi-specialty hospital Cleveland Clinic and Etihad, the national airline of the United Arab Emirates, have joined forces in a bid to turn Abu Dhabi into a premier destination for medical tourism. 

The agreement is the first collaboration of its kind between a medical services provider and an airline in the region. 

The agreement will see Etihad offer a number of particular medical travel packages to important worldwide markets, providing a single package solution for the booking of flights and accommodation as well as medical treatment at Cleveland Clinic.

The clinic, which is situated in Abu Dhabi, offers over 40 surgical and medical procedures. 

Etihad Aviation Group’s CEO Tony Douglas says that it is a natural progression for an airline that provides travellers with specialised medical services to team up with a prestigious medical provider such as Cleveland Clinic. 

The partnership will offer the airline’s travellers a greater degree of choice when searching for the medical travel package that is best suited to their needs. 

Douglas adds that a substantial investment has been made worldwide by Abu Dhabi to strengthen its medical services and that Emirates is proud to help make access to this world-class healthcare easier. 

The medical travel services partnership was a decision made by both companies to support the larger plan for Abu Dhabi to become one of the world’s leading medical tourism centres. 

That goal was announced by Abu Dhabi’s Department of Culture and Tourism and Department of Health earlier in 2019. 

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi’s CEO Dr Rakesh Suri says that the clinic is delighted to be teaming up with Etihad due to their shared dedication to quality and safety. 

Suri adds that the partnership will only provide patients and their family members with greater access to their care. 

Etihad Aviation Group’s Medical Services vice president Dr Nadia Bastaki says that two of the most respected institutions in the UAE have joined forces to promote the emirate as a premier destination for medical travel.

Bastaki says that the team-up is a natural one given the dedication to unparalleled customer service shared by both companies. 

Etihad has a fleet of over 108 aircraft that fly to destinations all over the world.

This will give new markets access to the critical and complex care services offered by Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi and reinforce Abu Dhabi’s status as a worldwide hub for first-class medical tourism. 

Mubadala Healthcare’s senior vice president Hasan Jasem Al Nowais says that the company is working with a number of important partners in order to manage an increase in the number of patients from overseas. 

Al Nowais adds that the new agreement will offer patients a seamless journey that begins in their home nation and continues through treatment and then aftercare at one of the leading hospitals in the world. 

1,380 patients from over 93 overseas countries were treated by Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi last year. 

Anyone intending to travel to Abu Dhabi for medical tourism or any other reason should take out travel insurance beforehand. 

Travel insurance provides financial peace of mind in the event of unexpected circumstances arising during travel or while overseas. 


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