UAE residents are aiming to disconnect from technology and create special family moments when they go away on holiday this summer, but they also need the correct travel insurance to ensure that dream getaways go as planned and that they are not left counting the cost due to gaps in provision.

A new study by Disney Destinations has tapped into the magic of holidays in today’s fast-paced modern world, with many people in the UAE now viewing time away as a means to wind down and improve the quality of time spent on activities and with close family members.

A quarter of respondents said that they are planning to disconnect from smartphones and other devices during a trip as many believe that tech usage is impairing their ability to create meaningful family moments. More than two-thirds said that long working hours have also prevented them from forging closer bonds with friends and family.

“Our hectic busy lives are filled with stressors that tend to accumulate throughout the year. These daily stressors can take a toll on physical and psychological health,” licensed psychologist Dr Elena Andrioti revealed.

She added: “A well-organized vacation filled with unplugged quality family time can break this stress cycle and allow us to reset and simply let go of our usual routines. So, take a break, create memories, bond with your loved ones, indulge in great food, enjoy various activities, get some uninterrupted sleep and soak in that sunshine.”

However, the desire to book holidays and jet to locations around the world should not come at the expense of thorough planning for a trip abroad. CEO Avinash Babur believes that travellers need to make sure that they have the right policy in place so that they can indulge in the free time and relaxation they crave.

A study by the insurance service found that lost and damaged goods were at the top of the list of claims submitted by UAE residents last year, while missed flights and delayed flights were responsible for the joint-second most claims. Only 5% filed a claim for emergency medical reasons.

Holiday season is now in full swing, but it is never too late to take out the right travel insurance policy, especially for those taking flights for a short period during August and September. Travellers with a holiday booked in 2020 and beyond are also urged to take advantage of off-season deals to get a more affordable but no less comprehensive policy in place.

Babur believes that everyone should take the time to compare policies and select the best one. He adds: “By making sure they buy the right policy that will cover them for any eventuality, they will have peace of mind when travelling on holiday – a time when they most want to switch-off, relax and be stress-free.”

This sentiment is supported by Disney Destinations’ study, which found that 91% of parents report much higher levels of satisfaction with relaxation time and family bonding during vacations. A further 70% claim that reconnecting with loved ones is the favourite part of a trip abroad.


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