Almost 1,000 delegates from about 200 participating organisations and nations met at the fourth International Participants Meeting.

Expo 2020 Dubai organised the meeting to teach participants the ways that the big event will serve as a worldwide platform for collaboration.

Expo 2020 Dubai commissioned the Global Optimism Outlook Survey, which YouGov conducted earlier in 2019.

The survey found that people from all walks of life all over the world are united in wanting more collaboration, communication and dialogue between both individual people and communities as a whole.

The director general of the Expo 2020 Dubai Bureau, Reem Al Hashimy, says that Dubai and the United Arab Emirates as a whole will bring together the world next year for an Expo that will try to create open dialogues in order to renew optimism for the future.

Al Hashimy, who is also the UAE’s Minister of State for International Cooperation, adds that nations, organisations and individuals all across the world are using human brilliance to overcome collective challenges, which Expo 2020 will showcase.

International participants are playing a crucial role in the delivery of the showcase, with all 192 countries bringing unique experiences and insights as well as innovative ideas to create a better future.

The fact that 1,000 representatives have gathered in Dubai for the International Participants Meeting is an indication of the shared commitment to optimism, open dialogue and collaboration embodied by Expo 2020, according to Al Hashimy.

There is now less than 11 months before the doors open to the biggest event in UAE history, and international participants are being given regular updates on how ‘The World’s Greatest Show’ will be delivered.

Construction is well on track and the entertainment and business programme of the Expo is coming to life, featuring world-class architecture, culture, food, creativity, tech, art and music from all over the world.

All of the 192 countries participating will also have their own pavilion, in what is a first for a World Expo event.

Those pavilions will be dedicated spaces to allow the countries to showcase their traditions and cultures and to enable visitors to discover future technology and amazing new inventions.

These include the likes of vertical farming, the world’s biggest lift and super-fast 5G connectivity.

They will be joined by multilateral organisations, businesses and educational establishments for a celebration of human achievement and brilliance that will last six months.

The event will be a massive platform for showcasing new ideas and cementing the position of the UAE as a gateway to the region for other nations and organisations to forge new links and gain access to new markets.

The secretary general of the World Expo’s governing body the Bureau International des Expositions, Vicente G Loscertales, calls the event’s ambitions remarkable, and says that the meeting will go through the final preparation and implementation aspects.

Over 25 million visitors are expected at Expo 2020 Dubai, with 70% of all visitors being from overseas nations.

Anyone coming into the UAE for Expo 2020 or any other reason should ensure that they have travel insurance before they go.

Travel insurance protects travellers from the financial consequences of issues that can occur on journeys, including cancelled flights and lost luggage.


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