The future of the tourism and travel sectors in the United Arab Emirates will be a bright one, with more and more travellers choosing to go on holidays by plane, according to the chairman of Cozmo Travel and group CEO of Air Arabia, Adel Abdullah Ali.

At the opening of the 37th branch of Cozmo Travel in the UAE, Ali told the Khaleej Times that he was confident of the travel industry’s future in the Middle East.

Ali admitted that any industry has its ups and downs, but he believes that travel and tourism in the UAE will continue to experience steady growth in the next few years because of the increasing number of people seeking more time to relax away from hectic lifestyles.

Ali also pointed out that social media and technology have played an important part in encouraging more Emirati to travel.

He said that there used to be a misconception that people would be less inclined to travel because of technology, but in truth, the opposite has happened, with social media exposing people to other countries and destinations and encouraging them to travel there.

Younger travellers, in particular, see themselves as global travellers who want to learn about and experience new locations, and Ali says that this is a very good thing for the UAE travel industry.

Ali also highlighted the important role played by low-cost carriers in changing the perception of travel as a pastime for the elite to something that everyone can enjoy.

Travel is now seen less as a luxury and more as simply transportation, something that has affected a number of industries that have sprung up with the airline industry, with safety and comfort still a priority with low-cost airlines.

Ali also took the opportunity to note that he was very happy with the way that Air Arabia Abu Dhabi, the new venture between Etihad Airways and Air Arabia, was going, and that he was pleased that the airline now had a foothold in the UAE capital.

Ali also stated that Air Arabia and Etihad Airways have developed a great relationship and that the new airline’s routes will be announced once they have followed the processes to make sure that all technical requirements are successfully met.

Many formalities are involved in getting the necessary routes from the two governments, but work is well underway to ensure their launch, Ali adds.

The aim of the new airline has always been to finally service routes that Abu Dhabi is not currently servicing, and that Air Arabia and Etihad Airways will be able to assist one another to gain a bigger share of the market, making it a win-win for both companies.

Two airlines from different emirates joining forces is also a good thing for the UAE, according to Ali.

Anyone who travels by any airline in and out of the UAE should take out travel insurance.

Travel insurance policies can offer financial protection from a wide range of unforeseen events that can occur during travel, including the loss of valuables and falling ill overseas.


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