Travellers from Kuwait will be able to board direct flights to Al Ain in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, as of 8th December.

The move follows the establishment of a brand-new flight route courtesy of Jazeera Airways.

The Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi (DCT Abu Dhabi) is supporting the independent airline, which used a Kuwait travel trade event to make the announcement about the new direct flights.

There has been a massive growth in tourism from Kuwait to Abu Dhabi over the course of the last few years.

A 22.3% increase in Kuwait hotel guests was registered by the emirate within the first six months of 2019, in addition to the hosting of more than 15,000 hotel guests in that period whose average stay was around three days each.

DCT Abu Dhabi is hoping that the establishment of the new direct routes will encourage Kuwaiti travellers to come to Al Ain in an attempt to increase tourism to the emirate’s “heritage heartland”.

The regional promotions manager for the Middle East and Africa at DCT Abu Dhabi, Nabeel M. Al Zarouni, says that tourism between Kuwait and the emirate has entered a new era thanks to the new flight route.

Kuwait is an important source market for Abu Dhabi because of its proximity as well as the strong cultural ties between Kuwait and the UAE, Al Zarouni notes.

Al Zarouni says that DCT Abu Dhabi wants to thank Jazeera Airways for the past few months of collaboration and hard work and for its decision to choose Al Ain as 2019’s new destination.

DCT Abu Dhabi intends to work closely with the airline in the future to ensure that Kuwaiti passengers are encouraged to use the new routes to discover the beauty of Al Ain, according to Al Zarouni.

Al Ain has a rich heritage as well as breathtaking views and stunning nature, making it an ideal destination for both cultural excursions and retreats for the whole family.

Al Ain offers possibilities for sightseeing and nature walks, unique heritage experiences, and visits to some of the oldest architectural delights in the world, and Al Zarouni believes that all kinds of travellers will enjoy the city.

Al Ain is situated around 160 kilometres to the east of Abu Dhabi city, and is one of the oldest settlements to be continuously inhabited in the entire world.

Known as the Oasis City, it is also home to World Heritage sites in addition to a vast array of forts, historic buildings, archaeological sites and oases.

The vice president of marketing and product for Jazeera Airways, Andrew Ward, says that the company is proud to be operating another UAE destination to give its customers greater opportunities to explore and enjoy the region’s hidden treasures.

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