Passengers in Dubai will no longer require a boarding pass or passport to travel due to a new biometric system.

The system is to be launched at Dubai International Airport, according to officials on Sunday.

The General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA) in Dubai says that the Biometric Passenger Journey (BPJ) will make it easier to travel through airports in Dubai.

The airline Emirates is also cooperating with the new system.

Passengers will not have to display their boarding pass or passport either at the check-in counter or anywhere through to the plane they are boarding.

This year’s participation in GITEX Technology Week is important for visitors, according to the general director of GDRFA in Dubai, Major General Mohammad Al Merri.

They get to experience the world’s most exciting virtual BPJ with the use of artificial intelligence, Al Merri says.

The BPJ offers a completely seamless journey through the airport in Dubai, with passengers no longer having to show their IDs or passports.

Travellers are now able to get to the plane just by showing their face as they walk through the terminal.

The pilot phase for the new biometric technology, which uses both iris and facial recognition software, is to be launched within the next few months, according to the GDRFA.

Test runs enabled passengers to finish immigration formalities, check in, board flights and go into Emirates lounges just by walking through the airport.

The GDRFA system will also store all of the biometric information so that it can be used on all future travels.

Emirates’ chief operating officer, Adel Al Redha, says that the airline is continuing to improve its services with the newest technology and innovations.

The airline intends to be able to offer customers journeys that are as fast and seamless as possible.

Emirates’ partnership with the GDRFA has created the first ‘biometric path’ in the world, offering passengers with Dubai International Airport a truly world-class travel experience.

Al Redha adds that the experience being showcased at GITEX Technology Week with GDRFA is essentially a sneak peek at the future of travel and the ground-breaking initiatives that the airline is currently pursuing.

The one thing that passengers will still have to do before they travel from Dubai International Airport or anywhere else in the United Arab Emirates is taking out travel insurance.

Travel insurance is a necessity for all passengers as it prevents the adverse financial consequences that can arise from a number of unforeseen circumstances associated with travel.

These circumstances can often be out of our control, such as flights being cancelled and personal items being stolen while travelling or while we are away from home.

Travel insurance can also be used to guard against other financial liabilities, such as medical bills in the event that we are injured or unexpectedly fall ill while in a foreign state or country.

There are a variety of travel insurance coverage policies available to choose from in the UAE.


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