Dubai Festival City Mall is teaming up with the Lego Group in order to deliver a unique experience to the United Arab Emirates and the whole of the Middle East in the form of the Lego Festival & Imagine Show.

The Lego Festival & Imagine Show is expected to launch next year and is the biggest event that Lego has yet organised in a shopping mall.

The new partnership will be responsible for launching the Imagine show, known as the Lego Ninjago Show, which is to be the first branded content experience created by Imagine.

The director of Shopping Centre Dubai Al-Futtaim Malls, Steven Cleaver, says that the Lego Group was their first choice of partner because it is recognised for being continually inventive and innovative all over the world.

Cleaver adds that the goal was the creation of a three-dimensional new show via Imagine that would be able to transform the characters of the Lego Group in a manner that audiences have never seen before.

Construction on the Lego Festival & Imagine Show actually began 18 months ago, with both Festival Mall and Lego entertainment teams working in unison for the animation of a daily live show at Festival Bay.

The Lego Group is dedicated to the introduction of engaging and fun family-friendly experiences, according to the head of marketing for Lego Middle East & Africa, Urszula Bieganska.

The company’s presence in the Middle East has expanded in 2019 with the opening of a new Dubai office, and its primary aim is to bring initiatives that are locally relevant, Bieganska claims.

Lego Ninjago has been shown on the Cartoon Network for the last nine years.

Available in both English and Arabic, it has become a popular children’s show in the Middle East in general and the UAE in particular.

The partnership with Al-Futtaim Mall Festival City is enabling the Lego Group to create a brand-new channel to allow the experience to be brought to life for a wider audience via Imagine, Bieganska says.

The company is looking forward to showcasing its offerings for shoppers at the Dubai Festival City Mall, she adds.

The Imagine Show focuses on one of the most popular themes in Lego, Lego Ninjago, a fascinating world in which the forces of evil are confronted by brave young ninja warriors.

Imagine will bring to life elements of the show so that it can be experienced first-hand.

Imagine has now been witnessed by over one million people, and is one of a number of attractions that Dubai’s tourists and shoppers can experience for free.

Over 25,000 people have gone to Festival Bay to experience some of Imagine’s big events such as New Year’s Eve, Diwali and Eid.

The Lego Imagine Show is set for an exclusive launch on 8th January 2020.

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