Tourism opportunities for travellers from Africa, India and the Middle East to explore Mexico will be greatly improved following the announcement by Emirates that is entering the aviation market connecting the United Arab Emirates to Mexico.

An enhanced interline agreement has been announced by the airline, which will see new routes and destinations opened up for passengers wanting to travel between Mexico, the Middle East, the Gulf and elsewhere.

Passengers with Emirates can now just use one ticket for seamless connection through Mexico City with Interjet flights to the likes of León/Guanajuato, Cancún, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Vallarta, Villahermosa, Tijuana and more.

Emirates’ chief commercial officer Adnan Kazim says that the company is pleased to have partnered with Interjet Airlines to allow Emirates passengers to take advantage of greater flexibility and choice, making it easier to connect to different Mexican cities.

The new partnership will also increase connection to regional international points.

Kazim adds that the move serves as a further demonstration of Emirates’ long-term commitment to Mexico, with the airline continuing to examine new methods of building its operations within the market to serve its customers better.

The interline agreement is only the beginning of the collaboration between the two airlines, with a wider scope to the partnership and more mutual opportunities intended to be explored in the future, according to Kazim.

The partnership between Interjet and Emirates began in April this year with a one-way agreement to allow passengers from the latter’s 12 US gateways to use Interjet flights to travel to cities in Mexico.

The expanded partnership agreement will allow Emirates passengers to tap into the strong Mexican presence that Interjet has and gain access to as many as 12 destinations outside Mexico City.

Since the initial agreement with Interjet in April, the relationship between the two airlines has proved to be a success, according to Interjet’s chief commercial officer Julio Gamero.

The new agreement offers travellers with both airlines access to a larger network offering a greater number of flight choices in addition to more of Mexico for Emirates passengers via Interjet’s domestic Mexican connections.

Gamero notes that when this is combined with seamless reservations, greater legroom, the outstanding onboard service offered by Interjet, and one-stop check-in that sees baggage checked to the ultimate destination, the agreement has benefited both airlines.

The new daily Emirates service running from Dubai to Mexico City International Airport through Barcelona will begin on 9th December.

Interjet customers can use travel agents, online travel agencies or the Emirates website to begin booking their trips, and will be able to benefit from the more convenient policy of one ticket with single baggage.

Anyone who is planning to travel from the UAE to Mexico, or vice versa, should make sure that they have a travel insurance policy in place before they do so.

Travel can bring with it unexpected issues such as lost luggage or illness in foreign climes, which means that taking out travel insurance is a beneficial and wise move.


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