Emirates has been named as one of the most reliable carriers in the world, with almost 85% of all its flights arriving at its destinations without any delays, a new report has revealed.

Get Going travel insurance has undertaken research, the results of which show that the Dubai-based airline came in sixth place in a ranking of carriers all over the world, while also gaining top marks in regard to safety. 

Just 15.17% of all Emirates flights were delayed, with as low as 0.23% getting cancelled completely – the lowest figure of any airline – and there was an average waiting time in delays of little more than 37 minutes. 

The overall top place went to Japan Airlines, which has 126 domestic routes and 54 international routes in operation. 10.54% of its flights were delayed, and 1.05% of flights were cancelled in November 2018. 

The top three were rounded out by KLM Cityhopper, which is based in the Netherlands, and IndiGo, India’s biggest airline, both of which scored impressively in all categories.

There has been a flurry of airlines cancelling large numbers of flights or even going bust in recent times, and it is a good idea to take a close look at which airlines are seen as the most reliable and thus the best choice for taking a trip with in 2019. 

From analysing the results of all flights in November 2018, five main factors were considered: the number of flights delayed in terms of percentages, the average waiting time when a flight was delayed, customer ratings, safety ranking, and the percentage of all flights that were actually cancelled altogether. 

The most unreliable airline in the 50 worldwide companies studied was judged to be Frontier Airlines, a budget company based in the US, which had more than 30% of its flights cancelled outright and a delay time of an average of more than an hour. 

The second worst airline was American Airlines, which had 19.07% of its flights delayed, and forced its passengers to wait an average of just over 60 minutes. 

Everyone wants to feel that everything will go according to plan when they book their flights for holidays or important business trips, which makes it important to be up to date with current research as to the most reliable air carriers. 

This information allows travellers to have more confidence in their choices and to avoid unwanted problems that could end up ruining a time that is supposed to be enjoyable and relaxing. 

Given that delays and cancelled flights do happen from time to time to even the most reliable carriers, such as Emirates in the UAE, it is important to take out travel insurance in order to ensure that you are protected from the financial consequences that may result from such circumstances. 

Travel insurance can also protect you from any unfortunate incidents that may occur during your trip, such as having personal items stolen or falling ill overseas. 


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