The launch of the very first edition of the cultural programme Hatta Cultural Nights, which features festive activities and events intended to teach the community about the emirate’s rich and valuable cultural fabric, has been announced by Dubai Culture.

The event was held in the city of Hatta at Wadi Hatta Park on 26th December, coinciding with the Dubai Shopping Festival’s 25th edition, and will carry on until 11th January next year.

The event is open from 4pm to 10pm from Sunday to Thursday and from 4pm to 12am on Friday and Saturday.

The launch is a reflection of Dubai Culture and Arts Authority’s vision to ensure the safeguarding of the UAE’s authentic national identity and the emirate’s glorious cultural heritage and to help people become more familiar with it.  

The programme, which is focused particularly on the folklore and handicrafts of the emirate, is an attempt to uphold those traditions and pass them on to the next generation.

A variety of entertainment and cultural activities will be held by Hatta Cultural Nights in order to underpin the splendour of the UAE’s culture and heritage as well as help to attract both local tourists and those from neighbouring nations.

Dubai Culture’s director general Hala Badri says that the initiative, which is a first for the region, contains a deep heritage and cultural value, reflecting Dubai’s spirit of oneness and diversity.

The event upholds the organisation’s vision for highlighting how the emirate’s overall cultural identity has been enriched by the people from a number of different countries that live there, Badri claims.

The event also reflects the value of tolerance that was adopted by the UAE since it was first established, offers visitors the chance to explore the traditional side of the emirate, and reinforces its position as a cultural epicentre and hub of talent and creativity.

The initiative is also intending to highlight the Emirati heritage and underline the contribution it has made toward shaping the nation’s present and future, and is in alignment with the aim of turning Hatta into a tourism and cultural destination.

The initiative also aligns with the Dubai Plan 2021, which intends to make Dubai the best place to visit, work and live.

Folkloric paintings, folk dances and folk songs will be featured in Hatta Cultural Nights, with UAE and international artists presenting in a bid to build cultural bridges between those from different nations.

Hatta Cultural Nights are being staged in cooperation with the Community Development Authority, the Sheikh Maitha Bint Rashid Al Maktoum Center for People of Determination, and Dubai Municipality.

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