Services to 35 destinations have been suspended by Emirates across the airline’s network in an attempt to be in compliance with travel restrictions introduced to stop the spread of coronavirus via air travel.

The most recent destinations that have been suspended include Algiers, Barcelona, Cairo, Madrid, Mexico City and Tunis.

The new restrictions come on top of an ever-expanding list of services that have been cancelled just one day after flights to Basra, Larnaca, Malta and Porto were also cancelled by the United Arab Emirates airline.

Flights to certain destinations are also being rerouted by Emirates in Pakistan.

Flights both to and from Sialkot and Peshawar are to be directed via Islamabad up until Tuesday 31st March.

Passengers who are affected by the move will have to get to the rerouted airlines on their own.

Services have previously been cut by the UAE airline to certain destinations within the US after US President Donald Trump announced a number of travel restrictions that have affected the company’s fifth freedom routes.

Following the address by Trump, a presidential proclamation was issued stating that the ban would apply to the 26 countries in the Schengen area, and this has subsequently been extended further to include the UK and Ireland.

The restrictions are applicable to every foreign national who has been in the area for the last two weeks.

Emirates went on to suspend all flights from New York to Milan until 3rd April.

As of last Friday, the UAE airline also cancelled flights from New York to Athens.

From the same date, flights from Dubai to Fort Lauderdale in Florida are also suspended until the end of this month.

The announcement about the flights to the US follows the airline’s decision to also suspend flights to Kuwait and Italy.

On Saturday, Emirates suspended flights to Kuwait, and this will remain in force until 31st March after the nation announced its decision to close down commercial flights.

There is currently a two-week public holiday in Kuwait, a move that has been taken in a bid to try to control the spread of the virus.

The UAE airline’s daily Venice flight has also been suspended in addition to flights from Dubai to Bologna and Milan.

Flights to Rome from the UAE city were initially reduced but have now also been cut.

Impacted passengers are being advised to get in touch either with Emirates or their booking agent in order to make other arrangements.

Flights to Italy have also been cancelled by a number of other airlines, and Ciampino Airport in Rome is to be closed by authorities by the end of the week, as will a terminal in the city’s Fiumicino Airport.

All flights to and from Italy have already been cancelled by British Airways.

Anyone who is still intending to travel to or from the UAE needs to take out travel insurance to guard against problems that could result from suspended or cancelled flights or potentially falling ill while overseas.


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