Tour operator Holiday Factory has been given the Best Incoming Tour Operator 2019 award at this year’s Welcome to Georgia! National Tourism Awards.

The event was held on 6th December at Tbilisi’s Sheraton Grand Metekhi Palace.

Holiday Factory, which serves clients primarily in the United Arab Emirates as well as other countries in the GCC, already has a strong reputation for its superb customer service and unmatched holiday package prices.

Holiday Factory Georgia’s general manager Kara Buell says that it is a huge honour for the company to be recognised as the year’s best tour operator, and that it reflects the love for Georgia and the hard work of all the firm’s employees.

Holiday Factory was the very first operator in the UAE in general and Dubai in particular to engage in mass-advertising and promote Georgia as a tourist destination, beginning four years ago back in 2015.

Within that time, Holiday Factory has succeeded in transforming Georgia from an unknown holiday destination into one of the UAE’s top three most popular travel spots.

Buell believes that Holiday Factory was able to win the award because of how many guests the firm was able to bring to Georgia, which was a continuation of its pioneering work in the promotion of Georgia as a travel destination for UAE residents.

In addition to the enormous Georgia promotion efforts, the free visa regulations for residents of the UAE were also of crucial importance, for which the company is very thankful to the Georgian Tourism Board and the Georgian government, says Buell.

Holiday Factory follows the strict tourism standards laid down by Georgia and is heavily focused on sustainability in addition to long-term business.

All Holiday Factory tour guides are given full training and the company has also implemented European travel standards.

Buell says that clients are able to see not only the affordable prices offered by Holiday Factory but also the excellent tour guide services, which has seen the number of returning guests increasing every year.

The goal of the company is to support the local economy, according to Buell.

Georgia is visited by more tourists during summer than winter, so by breaking the region’s classical tourism trends, the company is able to balance out guest numbers and bring as many tourists to Georgia in winter as in summer.

Just last weekend, Holiday Factory was able to bring over 500 tourists to Tbilisi in the space of just 48 hours.

Encouraging more guests to the area in winter is a great way to support local hotels and the local economy in Georgia, says Buell.

Holiday Factory Georgia was established last year in Tbilisi to support the investment in Georgia’s travel industry.

The company provides affordable tour packages to clients, including flights, excursions, tour guide services, airport transfer, hotels and travel insurance.

Travel insurance is an important service as it protects clients from financial difficulties in the event of incidents such as cancelled flights.


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