Residents who fear they may be facing a travel ban in the United Arab Emirates because of financial difficulties now have a way to look up their status just by logging on to the Dubai online portal. Dubai residents can also find out their criminal status in regard to financial cases that will have been registered in any police stations or with judicial authorities in the country. The advisory was made by Dubai Police via a post on their Twitter account, with a video that explains how to make use of the service also being uploaded to the site with the same Twitter handle. 

The online service is aiming to stop residents from being held up at airports due to the fact that they didn’t know that a travel ban had been imposed on them by the police because of a bounced cheque or some other financial issue. The online police facility is intended to help travellers avoid any embarrassment or inconvenience at the airports. Dubai Police launched the online service, which is free of charge to use, last year. Those who want to use the service just have to enter their name and Emirates ID number in order to see if they have been slapped with a travel ban in the UAE. If there is one in place on their name, they will be advised to go to their nearest police station in order to clear any financial charges that may be against them, which will then allow them to have the travel ban removed. 

There is also an online service for the Judicial Department within Abu Dhabi, which allows the residents of that country to be able to check if they are wanted for any claims against them by the Public Prosecution. It is a good idea for all residents of Dubai and Abu Dhabi to take a moment to double-check if there are any issues that could cause problems at airport immigration centres so that they can be resolved before they head off on their journey. 

The smart service is part of a strategy by Dubai Police to provide unique and intelligent services to the general public, integrate government departments, reduce time for clients, and cut down on required procedures. The travel ban is a legal restriction on freedom of movement and can prevent particular persons from being able to enter, leave or re-enter a country. In the UAE, a travel ban restricts the person from being able to cross over the border in any form of transport. A ban can result from a variety of different complaints and claims, and differs from an arrest warrant or labour ban, which just restricts an individual’s ability to work in, rather than enter, a country.

Once you have cleared your travel ban, it is a good idea to take out travel insurance before heading anywhere in or out of the UAE, as it offers financial protection from stolen property, accidents or illness occurring away from home. 


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