One of the best camping spots in Sharjah and the whole of the United Arab Emirates, Al Dhaid, is to be the host for the first and only camping and outdoor adventure show in the country in December. 

The Adventure & Camping Exhibition 2019, which has been organised by Expo Centre Sharjah, is to be held from 26th to 30th November at Expo Al Dhaid, which just recently opened. 

The Expo is positioned to be the only dedicated outdoors show in the UAE and offers outdoor enthusiasts the chance to explore a variety of new activities, purchase the latest equipment and products, and meet with experts in the subject.

The UAE has a number of amazing places where tourists can make the most of the outdoor environment and sleep under the stars, according to the CEO of Expo Centre Sharjah, Saif Mohammad Al Midfa. 

Neither visitors nor residents really need a reason to explore the outdoors, given the incredible mountain landscapes, stunning wadis, pristine beachfront, beautiful golden and red deserts, and the moon and stars, Al Midfa adds. 

The UAE has some of the world’s most highly regarded tourism and hotel facilities, but Al Midfa believes that there are more thrills to be had in adventure activities and campsites than high-class luxuries. 

The right ideas and gear are all that are needed to begin a thrilling new adventure in the UAE, be it on the dunes, in the deserts, on the beach, or in the wadis or the water, according to Al Midfa. 

The very first Adventure & Camping Exhibition in the UAE is to be the only event offering all of the latest camping, fishing and boating products in addition to fun activities, inspiration and travel information. 

The Expo will also include sections such as the backyard zone, climbing zone, run zone, water zone, camping zone, biking zone, dune bashing zone, travel zone, pet zone and live well zone.

The show intends to take advantage of the increasing number of people partaking in outdoor activities and the rising number of associations and clubs that support adventure and camping activities.

There is also a changing lifestyle in the UAE that has seen a growing amount of recreational expenditure. 

With increased requirements and changing needs, manufacturers are beginning to become dependent on events such as the Adventure & Camping Exhibition in order to offer innovative new products.

These newer products provide greater levels of comfort and better safety in terms of the materials’ quality, size and weight. 

Expo Centre Sharjah’s sales and marketing director Sultan Shattaf says that until now residents had no option but to buy equipment at supermarkets or specialty stores. 

At such places, choice is inevitably limited, but a large event such as the Expo means that a much greater variety of brands and products is available, in addition to providing an overall better shopping and visitor experience. 

Anyone travelling to the UAE to go to the Expo or explore the adventure and camping options in the country should take out travel insurance. Travel insurance guards against cancelled flights and other issues such as falling ill while away from home.


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