Leva Hotels & Resorts, which has only just been launched, is offering property owners the chance to acquire franchises of its hospitality brand while it plans for expansion. 

The company, which is based in the United Arab Emirates, says that the Third Party Management option has been rolled out in order to offer an alternative to the standard direct management structure or resource or asset-heavy owner-operator. 

The scheme will allow property owners to take over the brand’s franchise along with the management contract that is taken out with an independent hotel management firm. 

Leva Hotels & Resorts has released a statement in which it says that the new development brings with it the prospect for strong growth for the company and is likely to enable an even larger number of projects to actually be able to come to fruition. 

Leva Hotels & Resorts’ CEO and founder JS Anand spoke of the company’s delight at being able to offer the franchise model, which is asset light and lucrative, to owners and that it will open up what could be a very profitable and convenient arrangement for all concerned. 

Anand adds that it will also offer accelerated growth with the minimum of investment, in keeping with the needs of the market, and allowing the owners to profit from the system’s wide array of benefits. 

Anand also says that the arrangement will have contract terms that are much more flexible as well as having a lower cost structure, which will generate higher profits on account of resources being clustered over a number of different properties.

He also pointed out the more defined method of management as being another important advantage of the new system. 

Leva Hotels & Resorts is also offering a portfolio of as many as four hotel brands in both the midscale and upscale segments.

Earlier in August, an announcement was made by Leva Hotels & Resorts that an aggressive expansion strategy was underway that would target the GCC as the main growth market together with Asia and Africa. 

The joint venture was only set up earlier this year by the chairman of Siraj Finance and Trizac Holding Group Ahmed Bin Khalaf Al Otaiba, who is the owner of one of Dubai’s flagship hotels. 

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