A visa waiver agreement between the Commonwealth of Dominica and the United Arab Emirates that details the immigration entry privileges to which citizens of both nations are entitled has now come into force.

The agreement, which was signed by both the Minister of State for International Cooperation Reem bint Ibrahim Al Hashemy and Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, formalises arrangements allowing visa-free entry to Dominica.

These arrangements apply to holders of ordinary passports as well as those with UAE special, official and diplomatic passports.

The agreement allows those who hold diplomatic and official Commonwealth of Dominica passports to use visa on arrival at ports of entry in the UAE.

Ordinary Dominica passport holders can secure e-visas to gain entry to the UAE with the use of official UAE websites.

The Commonwealth of Dominica’s ambassador to the UAE, Hubert Charles, says that the visa waiver agreement represents another important move to develop stronger bilateral relations between the two countries.

The decision facilitates official travel but also introduces certainty and predictability for citizens in both nations who wish to travel for purposes of culture, investment, trade or tourism.

The agreement follows the Embassy of Dominica’s recent official opening in Abu Dhabi, which allows Dominican diplomats to collaborate and develop cooperation with representatives of the UAE government in cultural, economic and political areas.

Charles points out that the Prime Minister noted at the January ceremony that the embassy is also offering consular services to investors and citizens, including a community of small yet dynamic citizens that lives in the UAE.

The Commonwealth of Dominica is well known for its long-running Citizenship by Investment (CBI) programme, which extends citizenship rights to families and individuals who want to expand their investment and travel options.

The prestigious CBI Index has ranked the Dominica CBI programme as number one in the world for three consecutive years.

The programme has a strong reputation for integrity and transparency, with applicants who succeed in passing all of the due diligence checks able to gain citizenship by investing in approved real estate or making contributions to the Economic Diversification Fund.

Dominica also has a good reputation for fighting against climate change and intends to become the first climate-resilient country in the world.

The government is planning to cut down on energy costs by using geothermal energy, with programmes already underway strengthening eco-tourism, delivering resilient public housing, and expanding investment in all levels of education.

A comprehensive ban on plastics, marine life regulations, and certified biodegradable product initiatives have also been introduced by the government of Dominica.

Anyone who intends to travel to Dominica from the UAE, or vice versa, should take out travel insurance before setting off on their trip.

Travel insurance is a must for travellers as it prevents them from suffering adverse financial consequences in the event of unexpected events happening during travel.

These events can include the likes of luggage being lost or stolen, flights being postponed or cancelled, or even falling ill while in a foreign country.


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